At Ruysdael Clinics, very advanced equipment from Olympus is used to examine voice disorders. Because we are one of the few who use this equipment, the possibilities to examine your voice disorders in this way are unique in the Netherlands.



In order to be able to see the closing of the vocal cords when speaking or singing, the ENT doctor checks the vocal cords through the mouth and throat using an endoscope. With stroboscopic light, the vibration of the vocal cords can be seen in slow motion. This way problems with the closure of the vocal cords in different pitches can be assessed and abnormalities of the vocal cords can be noticed. Stiff or scarred parts of the vocal cords can also be examined.

The video images are recorded with an HD camera and discussed with you after the examination.

In the vast majority of people, stroboscopy is possible without any gag reflex problems. However, should any difficulties arise, the ENT doctor can use a spray to prevent this from happeing by numbing the throat.



Flexible endoscopy means that a thin tube is inserted through the nose to look inside the throat. For this we use HD endoscopes from Olympus. Videostroboscopy is also possible via the nose. This way gag reflexes practically never occur. The small disadvantage is that the images are slightly less detailed than when looking through the mouth. The Ruysdael Clinics also has special flexible endoscopes where a biopsy forceps can be used through the nose to remove a small piece of tissue for examination.



The KTP laser is a special laser that is used to treat small abnormalities on the vocal cords. The KTP laser is very advanced and very patient-friendly. The KTP laser has already proven itself in the USA and Germany. The Ruysdael Clinics is the only clinic in the Netherlands that offers this laser for vocal cord disorders.



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