If no medically treatable cause is found for the tinnitus, there is a range of therapies and devices available that are designed to reduce the tinnitus or make it more bearable. At the Ruysdael Clinics we can help you determine which form of treatment is most suitable for your specific tinnitus complaints.



In the American Medical Guidelines it is described for which treatments against tinnitus there is scientific evidence. These are cognitive behavioral therapy and sound therapy. The following therapies, all either cognitive behavioral therapy or sound therapy, are offered at the Ruysdael Clinics or are referred to by our ENT specialists:

  • Music therapy is a form of sound therapy. This therapy is offered at the Ruysdael Clinics itself. Read more about music therapy.
  • Ruysdael Clinics work together with Beter Horen. Beter Horen also offers a sound therapy against tinnitus, the Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation Therapy. This therapy is given by Beter Horen at the Ruysdael Clinics. More information about this therapy can be found here.
  • PEP Psychologen in Amsterdam offers cognitive behavioral therapy against tinnitus. If it turns out that cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for you, you can be referred by the Ruysdael Clinics. PEP Psychologen is located in the same building as the Ruysdael Clinics.

Other solutions:

  • There are hearing instruments with special masking functions for tinnitus patients. A noise from such a device can make the tinnitus more bearable. For this you are referred by the Ruysdael Clinics to a hearing care professional.
  • If you benefit from psychological help or antidepressants, we will advise your general practitioner about this. We also cooperate with PEP Psychologen in this treatment.


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