Various voice disorders and their treatments are described on this page.



In case of a voice complaint without any abnormalities identified during an examination, one usually has a so called functional voice disorder. This means that the voice is used incorrectly. For example by talking too loud and for too long, breathing inefficiently, speaking at the wrong pitch or using a wrong vocal technique. At Ruysdael Clinics, an examination will take place by an ENT doctor and a speech therapist. If no abnormalities are detected and a functional voice disorder has been determined, intensive therapy will be given by a speech therapist. The therapy will focus on learning how to use the voice in the right way.



Hoarseness is caused by an irregularity on the vocal cords. Due to this irregularity the vocal cords are unable to close and hoarseness occurs as a result. Hoarseness due to swelling in case of a laryngitis passes quickly. In case of chronic inflammation or abnormalities such as polyp, cyst, papilloma or tumor, there will usually be no improvement. Therefore, hoarseness that persists for more than three weeks should be examined by an ENT doctor. At the Ruysdael Clinics we can determine the condition and we know how it should be treated.

For the treatment of abnormalities to the vocal cords we have access to an advanced KTP laser. This is used to operate patients under local anesthesia. In many cases, polyps and smoking edema can also be treated very well with this laser.

Most disorders from the vocal cords are benign and can be treated in the Ruysdael Clinics under local anesthesia. Sometimes hoarseness is the first sign of a malignancy. Once this has been established, by examining a piece of tissue, you will be referred to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam for further treatment.



When the vocal cords do not close properly, hoarseness and shortness of breath occur while speaking. This can be caused by vocal cord paralysis or by weakness of the vocal cord muscle due to aging. Voice paralysis usually comes from a nerve malfunction and is also often seen in lung cancer.

In case of vocal cord paralysis or other closing problems of the vocal cords, the Ruysdael Clinics uses the superior Renu Voice, a biodegradable filler, to improve the voice and resolve hoarseness. Injection of the vocal cord with Renu Voice is done under local anesthesia via an endoscope and syringe through the mouth. The ENT specialists at the Ruysdael Clinics are by far the most experienced in the Netherlands with this treatment of injecting into the vocal cords.



In many professions people depend on their voice. This applies, for example, to professional speakers and vocalists. At the Ruysdael Clinics our ENT doctors and speech therapists work together to aid professional speakers and vocalists. To prevent problems in the long-term, voice and speech training can be advised. Learning to avoid or reduce excessive use of the voice and adopting specific lifestyle habits are also very important to improve the use of the vocal cords.


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