The voice is one of the most important instruments of the human body. Many people use their voice very frequently and intensely. In some cases the voice is not used correctly. In the event of misuse of the voice, a voice disorder can eventually arise, such as prolonged hoarseness.Hoarseness can also be the result of an abnormality of the vocal cords. These and other voice complaints are adequately addressed at the Ruysdael Clinics, with the most modern medical techniques and equipment. We also assist professional vocalists and speakers (to help prevent) having voice problems.


Speech therapy plays an important role in examining, treating and recovering from voice disorders. That is why we have specialized speech therapists at the Ruysdael Clinics. If necessary, you will receive a consultation at which both an ENT doctor and a speech therapist are present. In addition, our speech therapists hold their own voice consultations.

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