Music therapy

Music therapy at the Ruysdael Clinics is a form of sound therapy. This therapy is aimed at ‘resetting’ the brain and making the tinnitus more tolerable. In Germany, experience with music therapy has already been gained and good results are achieved. Some eighty percent of the patients indicate that they benefit from music therapy. In fifteen percent of the patients treated, the tinnitus disappears completely.

The scientific evidence for sound therapy, such as music therapy, is not yet very extensive. The results of the music therapy in the Ruysdael Clinics will therefore be used to carry out more research into its effects on tinnitus.

In our clinic we work with a music therapy based on the Heidelberg model. This therapy consists of a combination of techniques that address both the psychological part of the tinnitus and the underlying neurophysiological part. The therapy consists of resonance training, neuro-auditory cortex training and re-conditioning of the tinnitus. Overactive nerve cells are once again taught to consciously perceive the sounds from outside and to pay less attention to sounds inside the brain. It is an individual therapy because not everyone has the same type of tinnitus.



If you want follow music therapy to reduce your tinnitus problem, you contact the Ruysdael Clinics for an appointment. Because not every type of tinnitus can be treated by music therapy, we will firstly determine whether you qualify for this treatment. Prior to the music therapy you therefore have an intake with an ENT doctor in the Ruysdael Clinics. You can read about this intake here. With a referral from you general practitioner this intake is fully reimbursed, besides the statutory deductible.

If you do qualify for music therapy, an extensive hearing test will be taken and your tinnitus will be measured. There are also a number of questionnaires that need to be completed by you. This consultation takes about an hour. The costs are € 150, -. These costs are not covered by your health insurance.



The music therapy itself consists of nine individual therapy sessions of 50 minutes spread over five days given by the music therapist. For the best results, these five days are consecutively .

In order to achieve results with the therapy, the tinnitus being measurable is a condition. The tinnitus is re-measured every session because the therapy is being done on the basis of the measured frequency. The frequency can vary during the therapy period. In addition, an important part of the therapy is learning to relax and discuss the problems that the tinnitus entails. The aim of the music therapy is to make the tinnitus bearable.

Music therapy is very intensive and takes a lot of time and energy from you. When planning the therapy, this is something to take into account.

The nine music therapy sessions cost € 750, – in total. These costs are not covered by your health insurance.



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