Neck complaints and lower back pain as a result of age or hernia, be it with or without radiating pains, are common. Almost everyone once experiences a period of pain in the lower back or a stiff and painful neck. Fortunately, these are mostly innocent short-term complaints and spontaneous recovery normally follows.

Persistent or severe back or neck complaints often lead to questions:

  • What could be the underlying cause of the complaints?
  • Can targeted treatment be possible if the cause is known?
  • Can I prevent these complaints?
  • Do I have to adjust my lifestyle [private and / or work]? And if so, how?

It also appears that back and neck complaints are more easily tolerated if it has been established that there is no underlying serious cause to the pains, based on previous history, a physical examination and an MRI.

However, a quick appointment with a specialist to exclude such cause is not always possible given the waiting times in most hospitals. Our neurosurgeon Willem Selen will be able to help you quickly for a neck and back complaint consultation in the Ruysdael Clinics.

Of course, patients are also welcome for a second opinion


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