Neck complaints and lower back pain as a result of age or hernia, be it with or without radiating pains, are common. Almost everyone once experiences a period of pain in the lower back or a stiff and painful neck. Fortunately, these are mostly innocent short-term complaints and spontaneous recovery normally follows. Persistent or severe […]


Our neurosurgeon Willem Selen in the Ruysdael Clinics will be pleased to see you for a consultation for pain complaints of the spine (back and neck). Specific questions, a neurological examination by the neurosurgeon and additional radiological examination will quickly provide clarity about the possible cause of your complaints and whether there are possibilities for […]

Treatment of neck and back complaints

What are the possible treatment methods? Fortunately, in most cases is no need for surgery. Treatment often consists of physical therapy or rehabilitation. There is also often close cooperation and partnering with a pain clinic. To ensure quick recovery and to prevent repetition of the complaints it is important that you are told which sports […]