Do you suffer from tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears, often called tinnitus, occurs frequently. It is estimated that about two million people in the Netherlands suffer from this condition. Ten percent of them, about two hundred thousand people, suffer so much from tinnitus that it disrupts their daily life. Medical treatments to eliminate tinnitus are limited. There are, however, different […]


Tinnitus is a collective name for sounds that someone hears, but that someone else can not hear. Many people have that sensation briefly after a concert or a party, but we speak of tinnitus when these sounds persist. There are all kinds of sounds imaginable, such as whizzing, rustling, cracking, whistling, wheezing, humming, ringing and […]


If no medically treatable cause is found for the tinnitus, there is a range of therapies and devices available that are designed to reduce the tinnitus or make it more bearable. At the Ruysdael Clinics we can help you determine which form of treatment is most suitable for your specific tinnitus complaints […]

What to expect during my visit to Ruysdael Clinics?

If you make an appointment at the Ruysdael Clinics for your tinnitus complaints you will receive a questionnaire by email beforehand. You can take this with you to your appointment. At the Ruysdael Clinics you firstly will receive a hearing test. This will take about half an hour. This is immediately followed by an intake […]