Ruysdael Clinics was founded in 2016 by five medical specialists highly knowledgeable in the areas of voice, vocal cords and throat with a further specialisation in sleep apnea and tinnitus. They recognised the demand for a super-specialised medical clinic in this area. The primary target of founding our clinic was and still is offering the very best medical care. Our treatment and equipment are unrivalled in the Netherlands.


Ruysdael Clinics offers you access to a dedicated team of specialists and speech therapists that closely work together. We pride ourselves in a highly personal approach towards our patients with direct and quick communication. Our track record of referrals from General Practitioners, ENT-doctors, other specialists and paramedics underscore the reliability and quality of our medical clinic.


Ruysdael Clinics naturally meets all requirements of the Dutch Healthcare Inspection. Besides this regulatory requirement we are ZKN certified, which is an additional certification for high quality healthcare.



Each of our medical specialists, speech therapists and other staff are recognized experts in their field. They will ensure the highest quality of treatment and provide the best and true personal care. Our specialists go through regular training to further advance their knowledge and capabilities in their field. Besides increasing their own knowledge, our doctors provide training to other medical specialists, general practitioners and speech therapists to share knowledge and increase the quality of treatment and cooperation between experts in our field of expertise.

All our specialists are BIG registered and members of their trade union.



When coming to one of our clinics you will be welcomed by our staff at the reception area. Subsequently one of our medical doctors will have an intake meeting with you to understand the issues you are experiencing. Our specialist will prepare the diagnosis and treatment plan in this conversation and explain and further discuss with you. In certain instances we will be able to treat you in this first consultation. In that case you will have received required information before the treatment itself. If needed, we will be able to set a date and time for the a follow up consult immediately.



If treatment is required from a different medical center, we will refer you to one of our partners. For example, snoring mouthpieces are prepared by specialized dentists based on diagnosis and information provided by our doctors. For the treatment of cancer we have a partnership with Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.



  • Medical insurance card
  • Referral letter from the referring doctor (if not already sent to us)
  • Overview of current and recent medication
  • Information from earlier examinations such as x-ray’s or scans

If you have any questions prior to or after your consultation you can always call us at 070 737 2302. Alternatively you can email us at info@ruysdaelclinics.nl or use the contact form.


The rates used by Ruysdael Clinics for treatment is the average rate charged in the Netherlands by hospitals and medical clinics for the respective treatment. These rates are published on opendisdata.nl.

Should a part of the bill not be reimbursed, Ruysdael Clinics will waive this. The exception here is obviously the excess deductible that you have agreed with your insurer.

You can download our prices here



The current waiting times for a first appointment at Ruysdael Clinics are shown below shown as the average number of days from the moment you make the appointment until the actual consultation at the Ruysdael Clinics. It is our key priority to keep waiting times as short as possible by planning efficiently and schedule extra (evening) office hours if necessary.

For very specific complaints where you prefer a certain doctor or a particular day or time, the waiting time might be longer than indicated below.


Voice and vocal cords (consultation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) – within 1 week

Snoring and sleep apnea (consultation on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) – within 1 week

Tinnitus (consultation on Wednesday) – within 2 months

Swallowing disorders (consultation on Monday, Tuesday and, Wednesday) – within 1 week


(Last updated:  june 2020)


If you would like to be seen within a shorter time frame please contact us or ask your health insurer for waiting list mediation. Your health insurer can support you in this matter such that you can be seen faster. The maximum acceptable waiting time agreed jointly by care providers and health insurers (the Treeknorm) is 4 weeks for access to outpatient services and diagnostics. For treatment, the maximum acceptable waiting time has been agreed to be 7 weeks



Your treatment at Ruysdael Clinics will be reimbursed by all Dutch health insurers if you have been referred by your general practitioner or medical specialist. Naturally, you will have to pay the deductible you have agreed with your insurance. If your insurer does not reimburse the full treatment, the part that is not reimbursed will be waived by us. In other words, you do not have to pay anything besides the deductible.

If you don’t have a Dutch health insurance, you have to pay for your treatment and recover the costs yourself from your health insurance. You can pay by card at our desk right after your doctor’s appointment.

Musical therapy against tinnitus is not covered by health insurance. More information about this therapy and the costs can be found here.

At the Ruysdael Clinics, children over the age of 3 can be have a consult with one of our specialists to have a diagnose, but due to regulations no children under the age of 18 are treated or operated.



You will receive a letter of referral for Ruysdael Clinics if your general practitioner thinks that a specialist is needed for the treatment of your complaint. A medical specialist from another healthcare institution can also refer to Ruysdael Clinics. The referral letter is either sent digitally to Ruysdael Clinics or you will receive a physical letter yourself to provide to us. Once you have the referral, you can contact us for an appointment. Oftentimes, we will contact you ourselves proactively to schedule an appointment if we receive a digital referral.




The employees of the Ruysdael Clinics do their utmost to offer you the best care. Yet it may be that you are not completely satisfied with your treatment. We take your feedback and complaints very seriously. We want to make absolutely sure that you are fully satisfied with our treatment and want to keep the quality of our services at the highest level.


In first instance please contact your doctor. He or she will value the opportunity to discuss the cause of your complaint with you and try to resolve your issues. This is a very direct approach which not may be the easiest way. However, if your doctor does not know that you are dissatisfied, he or she will not be able to resolve the matter. Experience has shown that a large part of the complaints can be solved in this way.


If you are unable or unwilling to discuss your complaint with the person concerned, you can turn to an independent complaints committee. Ruysdael Clinics has a cooperation with Klachtconsult for handling complaints. This is an independent complaints committee that will try to resolve the complaint between you and the treating physician. If, despite the intervention of the independent complaints committee, you do not arrive at a satisfactory settlement of your complaint, you can contact the Geschillencommissie Zorg.

More information about the working methods of the independent complaint committee Klachtconsult and the Geschillencommissie Zorg can be found on their websites.

If you want to know exactly what the regulations are, we refer you to the CHPG.