Our neurosurgeon Willem Selen in the Ruysdael Clinics will be pleased to see you for a consultation for pain complaints of the spine (back and neck).

Specific questions, a neurological examination by the neurosurgeon and additional radiological examination will quickly provide clarity about the possible cause of your complaints and whether there are possibilities for treatment.

In the neurological examination particular attention is paid to strength, senses, reflexes and specific tests for nerve root stimulation. Is there neurological failure due to damage to a nerve or spinal cord?

Additional examination done is preferably an MRI scan, which is made by a specialized radiological center that co-operates with the Ruysdael Clinics. If an MRI is not possible for you, the neurosurgeon will propose an alternative.

In case of persistent complaints or neurological failure It is important that you get a quick appointment with the neurosurgeon immediately followed by a radiological examination. You will then have clarity about the cause of your complaints. Our methodology applied is therefore: “quick consult – quick additional examination – quick clarity”.


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