Ruysdael Slaapkliniek opens in The Hague

November 1st, Ruysdael Clinics will open a new branch in The Hague.

Our team in the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek in The Hague will help you with your complaints about snoring and suspicions of sleep apnea. No waiting times, in the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek in The Hague you have an appointment, intake, sleep research and results within 3 weeks!

Your treatment at the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek will be reimbursed by all health insurers. Read more about reimbursement and insurance. 

The Ruysdael Slaapkliniek is located in the premises of Clinic28 at Parkweg 27 in The Hague. To make an appointment, call us on 070-204 4114.

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