Do you have difficulties swallowing?

Problems with swallowing are often seen by the ENT specialist, especially in the case of the more elderly. Swallowing complaints can differ a lot. For example, problems could come from food that can not be swallowed or that remains stuck in the throat or esophagus. Other issues may relate to a feeling of something in […]

Examination of swallowing disorders

During your first visit to the Ruysdael Clinics, the ENT doctor will question you about your problem with swallowing. Afterwards, he will examine the throat with a thin endoscope through the nose and check the throat for deviations. From tonsils to the vocal cords and entrance of the esophagus, the mucous membrane can then be […]

Treatment of swallowing disorders

With swallowing disorders, reassurance is often enough and in time the swallowing problems will gradually decrease. Refolding of stomach acid often plays a role. In that case a change of lifestyle habits can be advised or gastric acid inhibitors are prescribed. For functional swallowing problems speech therapy treatment can be started. In case of mucosal […]