Millions of people in the Netherlands snore. Some only occasionally, because they have, for example, a cold. But others always snore. Snoring seems to be an innocent condition, which can be annoying, especially for the partner. However, snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious condition where breathing is faltering or even stops occasionally […]


Snoring is sometimes accompanied by disturbed breathing. The breathing can falter or even stop during sleep. A breathing stop is called an apnea. If these apneas occur regularly during the sleep, this condition is called sleep apnea […]

Make the sleep apnea test

Sleep apnea is often accompanied by the appearance of breathing stops during sleep. Heavy snoring and gasping for breath can also be symptoms of sleep apnea. However, there are many more symptoms and complaints that may be indicative of sleep apnea […]

Sleep apnea diagnosis

The medical specialists working at the Ruysdael Clinics are experts on snoring and sleep apnea. They will take all the time to listen to the issues you are experiencing and to advise you on your sleeping problems […]

Treatment of sleep apnea

If treatment of your sleep apnea is necessary, we offer a complete package of solutions. Solutions vary from a simple anti snoring device to an operation to remedy your sleep apnea. We also offer sleep position therapy and sleeping with a pressure mask (CPAP) […]

Anti snoring device MAD

Treatment of your condition might be done through an anti-snoring device which is also called a mandibular advancement device or MAD […]

Sleep position therapy

Another treatment for sleep apnea is sleep position therapy. This method is suitable for people who suffer from sleep apnea when sleeping on their back […]

CPAP mask

A known and very effective remedy for sleep apnea for people with moderate to severe sleep apnea is sleeping with an overpressure mask or CPAP […]


If an operation is the best solution for you to remedy your sleep apnea problem, your ENT specialist will inform you in detail about the possibilities.