What to expect during my visit to Ruysdael Clinics?

If you make an appointment at the Ruysdael Clinics for your tinnitus complaints you will receive a questionnaire by email beforehand. You can take this with you to your appointment. At the Ruysdael Clinics you firstly will receive a hearing test. This will take about half an hour. This is immediately followed by an intake from one of our ENT doctors. This intake is aimed at determining the cause of the tinnitus symptoms. The ENT doctor maps out your complaints by means of an extensive interview, special questionnaires, a microscopy of the ears and the results of the hearing test. In some cases it is necessary to make an MRI scan, for this you are referred to a MRI center.

Finally, the ENT doctor will give a clear explanation about the tinnitus and the results of the examination. The doctor will then immediately advise you, if possible, about a medical treatment, a medical device or a therapy.

Your visit to the Ruysdael Clinics takes about an hour. If you have a referral from your general practitioner, the intake is fully reimbursed by your health insurer. The MRI scan that is required in exceptional cases is also fully reimbursed. You only need to take the statutory deductible into account.


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