Do you suffer from tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears, often called tinnitus, occurs frequently. It is estimated that about two million people in the Netherlands suffer from this condition. Ten percent of them, about two hundred thousand people, suffer so much from tinnitus that it disrupts their daily life.

Medical treatments to eliminate tinnitus are limited. There are, however, different therapies and devices that are designed to reduce, help to bear and make it easier to live with tinnitus.

Ruysdael Clinics is the place to go for a clear diagnosis in case you are looking to find out what the cause of your tinnitus symptoms is. We can also examine if there are possible medical treatments to eliminate your tinnitus and whether any device or therapy can help you learn how to deal with your symptoms. With a referral letter from your doctor, your appointment will be reimbursed in full.

Our tinnitus specialists will determine whether there is an identifiable cause for the tinnitus and whether medical treatment is possible. They can give clear explanations about tinnitus and can answer your questions. They will also discuss with you which device or therapy can help you. We partner with providers of different tools and therapies for tinnitus patients and if required we can refer you to them.




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