The current waiting times for a first appointment at Ruysdael Clinics are shown below shown as the average number of days from the moment you make the appointment until the actual consultation at the Ruysdael Clinics. It is our key priority to keep waiting times as short as possible by planning efficiently and schedule extra (evening) office hours if necessary.

For very specific complaints where you prefer a certain doctor or a particular day or time, the waiting time might be longer than indicated below.


Voice and vocal cords (consultation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) – within 1 week

Snoring and sleep apnea (consultation on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) – within 1 week

Tinnitus (consultation on Wednesday) – within 2 months

Swallowing disorders (consultation on Monday, Tuesday and, Wednesday) – within 1 week


(Last updated:  july 2022)


If you would like to be seen within a shorter time frame please contact us or ask your health insurer for waiting list mediation. Your health insurer can support you in this matter such that you can be seen faster. The maximum acceptable waiting time agreed jointly by care providers and health insurers (the Treeknorm) is 4 weeks for access to outpatient services and diagnostics. For treatment, the maximum acceptable waiting time has been agreed to be 7 weeks


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